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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Cleaning?
Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.

It is a concept that focuses on creating the healthiest, highest performing indoor environment that meets the unique needs of building occupants and reduces impacts on the outdoor environment.

Green cleaning isn't a product and has no end, it is a journey that is continually improving into the future.

Why is Green Cleaning Important?
Like all maintenance activities, cleaning often is seen as simply an expense.  And, like most expenses, the goal has been cost reduction.  Cleaning for "acceptable appearance" or "minimal occupant complaints" has been the accepted standard in the traditional cleaning.  Yet cleaning has a tremendous impact on the overall performance of the facility as well as its occupants.  Green cleaning begins with the goal of protecting health and the environment giving you the benefit of less employee health issues and a building that will maintain it's grandeur longer than traditional cleaned buildings.

Is Green Cleaning more expensive?
Not with Corporate Cleaning, we are a green clean company, providing a green cleaning program for all our clients.  By keeping our focus on green cleaning we don't have the expense of maintaining  dual programs (green and traditional) like most other cleaning companies.   

What is GS-42?
Green Seal Environmental Leadership Standard for Cleaning Services

This standard establishes requirements for cleaning service providers that is verified by the Green Seal organization giving purchasers a way to identify leadership among cleaning services.

How do we keep employee turn over down?
Corporate Cleaning is a small family owned business that still cares about our employee's. We provide benefits to all part time and full time employees including Health care, retirement plan, paid vacation, and paid education.  Even little things like celebrating birthdays at a once a month company pizza party, an annul company picnic, bowling party and Christmas dinner event mean that our employees are part of the family. Corporate Cleaning has a pay scale of over $2.00 an hour higher than the national average for a cleaning company, we feel our long term, well trained employee's are worth it to provide our clients with better service with which make us a better company.