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Training and Education

Each employee receives personal training from Mary Ellen and Sheri, as well as our field managers Patty and Jan. All throughout the year employees are required to attend continual education/training workshops sponsored by vendors, manufacturers, or internally. Corporate Cleaning Inc. holds staff meetings monthly to discuss potential training opportunities before they appear as a problem. The principal management team has attended the Spartan Chemical of Ohio Green cleaning educational program and has an on staff member who is a LEED Accredited Professional. We have established 5 green teams within our company, each with a dedicated team leader. These teams meet monthly to introduce and maintain the green cleaning principles, procedures and products, so that our professional staff can be the best trained in the business. We offer and require our staff to annually attend 24 hours of continuing education classes, including the Nichols annual Green Facilities Conference and MIOSHA Custodial Safety.

2009 Training Schedule consists of:

1-31-09 State of the Company Address
This meeting will go over where we are, where we have been and our goals for 2009. We will assign new green teams for this year with a schedule of your monthly meetings. We will review the products and procedures that are being used. We will make a plan for the Adopt a Highway program.

2-4-09 Principles of Carpet Care
This training is a review of basic principles on the proper procedures, chemicals and equipment needed to identify and clean spots, maintain and restore all common types of carpeting used in commercial facilities.

2-20-09 Implementing a Recycling Program
This workshop will review recycling guidelines, provide practical steps and tools to implement or improve your recycling program

3-12-09 Specialty Floor Care
This seminar is designed to provide practical knowledge and effective solutions for cleaning special hard floor surfaces, such as grout, tile, stone and concrete. This program will cover identification, cleaning procedures, equipment, type and benefits of sealers as well as safety and personal protective equipment.

3-25-09 Green Facilities Conference

This full day of workshops will explore green operational strategies, examine the processes and procedures and identify ways to reduce the environmental burden of the built environment and increase health of the building occupants.

5-26-09 Custodial Safety
This MIOSHA led seminar will train on blood borne pathogen, hazard communications, bio-hazardous waste, proper disposal of cleaning materials and MSD sheets. Raising awareness and prevention are key factors to ensuring custodial safety and minimizing occupational health risks.

9-15-09 Chemistry of Cleaning
This seminar will review the make-up of standard cleaning agents, selecting chemicals for soil removal and killing of germs, dilution ratios, MSD sheets, and chemical reactions and how to avoid them, as well as personal protective equipment.